Three films to be watched in July

期待Ulrich Mühe重現銀幕!!


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

ich möchte mich sehr für das Zustandekommen dieser Retrospektive bedanken. Ich finde die Filmemacher aus Hongkong äußerst interessant, komplex und anregend und  wäre wirklich sehr gerne zu einem Ideen- und Erfahrungsaustausch in Ihre faszinierende Stadt gekommen. Leider hindert mich der Dreh meines neuen Films daran. So kann ich heute nur hoffen, dies ein andermal nachholen zu können. Aber wichtig sind immer die Filme, nicht so sehr ihr Schöpfer. In diesem Sinn grüße ich sie aus der Ferne sehr herzlich und wünsche mir und Ihnen Spaß oder Verstörung bei der Betrachtung meiner Arbeit.

Ihr Michael Haneke

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the organisation of this retrospective. Hong Kong filmmakers are very interesting, complex and inspiring to me and I really would have liked to come to your fascinating city of Hong Kong and take part in an exchange of ideas and experiences. Unfortunately I am busy with the creation of my new movie. Thus, I can only hope that the chance to visit Hong Kong will arise on another future occasion. But the really important part is always the movies, and not so much their creator. In this spirit I send you my cordial regards from afar and wish you and myself a lot of fun and/or, I hope, perturbation when you come to experience my work.

Yours, Michael Haneke

The Castle (Das Scholß)

奧地利Austria / 1997 / 123min / 35mm / Colour
德語對白,英文字幕 In German with English subtitles
演員 Cast:烏列謬希Ulrich Mühe, 蘇珊諾華Susanne Lothar

向 來喜歡挑戰高難度的漢尼卡,大膽地將捷克著名作家卡夫卡未完成的遺作《城堡》拿來改編搬上銀幕,添加個人風格之餘又難得如實地忠於原著,保留小說的荒誕精 髓,被喻為最出色的改編電影之一。被法庭委派到城堡進行勘察的K先生,未開工就遇上困難重重,受盡村民白眼不特止,更被有意無意阻止接近城堡,究竟葫蘆裡 玩的是甚麼把戲?愈難愈堅執的K先生,百轉千迴都闖不進城堡半步,最終成為官僚主義下的人肉犧牲品。去年因胃癌英年早逝的德國影帝烏列謬希(《竊聽 者》),將受盡折磨的K先生演得入型入格。重溫舊作念故人,影迷們萬勿錯過。

The best any director can do with Kafka’s absurd, nightmarish and unfilmable works is find elements from them to incorporate into their own worldview, and Haneke did just about that. Land surveyor K. is invited to the Castle to do some work for the Court, but when he arrives at the Village, he finds that nobody is expecting him. K.’s attempts to get into the Castle are as unsuccessful as his attempt to settle into the local village. He is greeted by reluctance from the villagers, who prevent him from any prospects of even so much as approaching the castle. The harder the stubborn K. tries, the farther he moves from his goals. Using many of the same actors who feature in Funny Games, it presents an intriguing parallel to the director’s breakthrough feature film.

Funny Games

奧地利 Austria / 1997 / 108min / 35mm / Colour
德語對白,英文字幕 In German with English subtitles
演員 Cast:烏列謬希Ulrich Mühe, 蘇珊諾華Susanne Lothar

一 個富裕的家庭,爸媽兒子加上狗兒快樂地到湖邊的度假屋享受夏日。兩名一身高爾夫球打扮的小伙子前來,問女主人借雞蛋。無緣無故地,借蛋者變成虐待狂,先是 狗兒繼而是父、母、子,無一倖免。某程度上,《你玩得起,你玩唔起》對暴力及目擊暴力的探討是「冰川三部曲」的延續,不同之處是這趟的重點在於對普羅電影 及類型電影的質疑。在影片中,其中一人兩度轉向鏡頭並提問:「你在看甚麼?你幹嘛要看?」漢尼卡要觀眾退一步,想想自己到底在看甚麼,到底有怎樣的反應。 康城的觀眾中途離場,並非因為不想看下去,而是已不能再看下去。

A wealthy family go on vacation to their lakeside summer house. Two well-groomed young men arrive and ask to borrow some eggs. The two then proceed, without any motive, to terrorise and then kill dog, son, father, and mother. Funny Games conducts an investigation of violence and spectatorship and is in a sense an epilogue to Haneke’s “Glaciation Trilogy”. This time the subject is more a confrontation with the shape of popular film and cinematic genre. Twice in the film, one of the killers turns to the camera and asks, “What are you looking at? Why?” Haneke challenges the viewer to draw back, think about what they are watching and consider their own reaction to it. Viewers walked out at the screening at Cannes, not because they no longer want to watch the film but simply because they can’t.

Funny Games U.S.

美國 英國 法國 US UK France / 2007 / 111min / 35mm / Colour
英語對白,中文字幕 In English with Chinese subtitles
演員 Cast:娜奧美屈絲Naomi Watts, 添羅夫Tim Roth, 米高彼特Michael Pitt, 波迪哥伯爾Brady Corbet

漢 尼卡將1997年嚇怕所有中產階級的同名舊作《你玩得起,你玩唔起》移植到美國荷里活再拍一次,換上美麗的娜奧美屈絲及性格演技派添羅夫,同樣的故事放在 十年後的今天,依然暴力得讓人吃驚。佐治帶著妻子安娜及十歲兒子,來到湖畔大屋渡假,被兩名陌生男子訛稱鄰居闖進安樂窩,從此精神及肉體受盡折磨,連場暴 力場面紛陣而來。漢尼卡就是不要讓你好過,要所有置身事外、冷眼旁觀的觀眾都一起變成幫兇,目的非常清楚:用以暴易暴的手段,質疑主流媒體不斷以暴力的影 像供人娛樂消費,使人逐漸變得麻木不仁。

What can you do when some people just cannot / refuse to read subtitles? You translate your film into the only language they know. In his shot-by-shot remake of his own 1997 feature, Haneke uses the viewers’ expectations against them. He makes a bold statement about how the indoctrination of mainstream thrillers has made violence and terror acceptable for entertainment by crafting a motion picture that is anything but entertaining. Funny Games is openly, intentionally unpleasant and is not for anyone in search of light fare. Naomi Watts and Tim Roth play the comfortable couple whose yachting holiday is interrupted by two young nihilists on a sadistic mission to destroy the family’s smug sense of security.