Ann Hui: observer, not commentator

“I think that this film can represent something; it can express a kind of feeling about the middle and lower class, and maybe even Hong Kong as a whole. Everyone can eat at Mcdonald’s or shop at malls. That’s a way of life, but spiritually, there’s satisfaction, especially with families on welfare. They don’t really have any worries about life, but there’s an unspeakable feeling or depression. We’re not trying to explain it, we’re just trying to convey that feeling” (Muse, May 2009, p.19-20).

就是這種unspeakable feeling,才讓我愛上《天水圍的日與夜》的。

“Me making a film about a murderer doesn’t mean I’m telling people to commit murder. From my days of studying literature, I learned about liberalism, and it taught you to be an independent observer. Even if the observation is subjective, it should still allow people to reflect on their own, not hold their hands and tell them what to think” (Muse, May 2009, p.20).

其實許導已經回答了林沛理:她並沒有去reproduce reality,她明白一個observer無可避免地會有自己的主觀投射,但這不等如人們不能透過影像記錄去重塑事實真象的輪廓。